Week 22 (27th July-1st Aug) – Vancouver Island

Contrary to what the name suggests, Vancouver Island isn’t a small island off Vancouver, it’s almost the size of the England! We got the ferry across to the island’s pretty seaside capital, Victoria, and stayed in a beautiful apartment that looked out over a small cove. From the garden, we watched several resident seals waiting patiently for leftovers from returning fishermen.

Victoria is the place for wildlife, and at Fisherman’s Wharf, an adorable Disney-looking floating village, we handfed a wild seal and an otter with her babies. We also went on a Prince of Whales whale watching tour, which despite being freezing, was incredible as we saw two humpbacks and a pod of 25 orcas in their natural environment.

We took a road trip north through wonderful alpine scenery that looked like driving through Christmas. Vancouver Island is beautiful and looks like the Canada you see in photos. We had a lovely few days in the postcard-pretty Telegraph Cove, an adorable fishing town of wooden buildings connected by decking, and set around a little cove. Upon wandering around the cove, we caught a whiff of a barbeque at the local pub, the Saltery Then we enjoyed a campfire in our picturesque campsite nestled in the forest.

We spent a wonderful day sat on deck chairs in the cove watching bald eagles soar above us, and went out in our dinghy at the unspoiled Bausa cove, ending the day with another epic campfire to salute the halfway point in our travels.

We had a final night in Victoria, which is lit up spectacularly at night-time, particularly the striking Queen Victoria Building. Then we got up at 4am to see a beautiful sunrise on the ferry back to Vancouver, watching seals pop up and swiftly back down. We had a final drive through Vancouver, ending it in style by getting jump-started at the ihop as Peb had left the lights on.


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